'Aera' is a woven plywood structure, adaptable to the body’s weight and shape by allowing smaller deformations within its volumes. It delivers a robust, sprung support, easily mounted on a bench frame, where it provides space for two people.


Use it on the floor, indoors or outdoors! 

You can also form the mat through bending, compressing and stretching it.


'Aera' is available as single mat or as bench and comes in 3 different standard sizes. However, thanks to its additive structure it is easily customisable.



birch plywood, polyester cord

tubular steel frame, powder coated

leather straps


standrad sizes: 

Aera pillow - 5x5 elements

Aera lounge - 6x8 elements

Aera daybed - 6x11 elements


price on request


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